We are a family owned and operated company who pride ourselves on four pillars of service.

  1. TOP QUALITY CLEANS – Our cleaning service is rated above quality and every new client we service notices the quality difference. Plus, we always look for new ways we can impress you with our hard work every time we clean.
  2. CONVENIENCE – We know how important “CONVENIENCE” is to us, and we try to create “CONVENIENT” solutions for you. With our office and steam carpet cleaning, we are flexible to clean on your schedule and have variable pricing for your budgetary concerns. With our car detailing, we offer to come to your home and clean, steam clean, professionally detail your car on your drive way. We try to save you the time of sitting in a waiting room.
  3. CLIENT SATISFACTION – We work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service and work. We also send out customer surveys to hear how we can improve our service and how happy you are with your cleaning service.
  4. KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT – When we can, we use steam to clean along with Benefact which is an all-natural cleaner that disinfects and kills airborne / pathogen viruses like cold, flu, etc.